Open House 2013

Logo: OPEN HOUSE at CMIL, March 10th 2013

Ever wonder what goes on inside a marine research laboratory? Come visit and find out! Meet with marine biologists and scientists, interact with local sea creatures, and learn all about San Diego’s diverse marine ecosystems.


Date: March 10th 2013

Time: 10 am- 3pm

Location: CMIL, 4165 Spruance Rd., San Diego, CA 92101

Activities: interactive exhibits, research talks, games, a marine life touch tank,
SCUBA gear demonstrations, raffle, food and more!

This event is FREE! No registration required


With the collaboration of students and faculty of SDSU, the Marine Ecology and Biology Student Association (MEBSA) and the Biology Department at SDSU are organizing our second Open House at the SDSU Coastal and Marine Institute Laboratory (CMIL) to occur on March 10th 2013 from 10 am to 3 pm. The 2013 Open House will showcase current research at SDSU, the facilities at CMIL, and tons of fun educational activities related to marine ecology and conservation. This is the second time CMIL has opened its doors to the public and is a rare opportunity to experience what goes on at a working marine research laboratory.

A boy wearing a scuba vest and goggles

A visitor tries on scuba gear at the 2012 Open House. Photo credit: K. Sato

The Open House is free and geared toward students, teachers, families and people of all ages and backgrounds. Interactive and educational activities will demonstrate key topics of ongoing research and related issues in marine science. You’ll learn how to survey kelp forests using scuba, how fish camouflage with their environment, what happens to plastic debris in the ocean, and much more! At the end of the event, a fundraising raffle will be held with prizes of donations from community vendors such as gift certificates, snorkel gear, and museum tickets.

Three children wear red survival suits.

Visitors try on survival suits used by researchers in Antarctica. Photo credit: K. Sato


For more information visit the MEBSA website

Schedule of events

10:00 am    Doors Open!

11:00 am     Faculty Presentation

11:30 am     Guided Lab Tour

12:00 pm    Raffle

 1:00 pm     Faculty Presentation

 1:30 pm     Guided Lab Tour

 2:00 pm     Raffle

 3:00 pm     Doors Close


Lecture titles and information

11 am – Talk by Dr. Jeremy Long, Assistant Professor of Biology

Title of Presentation: Things that suck in salt marshes

Research Interests: I study how the interactions of predators and prey shape several marine communities including salt marshes, rocky shores, and subtidal habitats. I am fascinated by the chemicals plants and animals make, and the roles these chemicals play. I like to bring science to a broader audience through music videos.

Photo montage of Jeremy Long and his field sites and research species.



1 pm – Talk by Dr. Matt Edwards, Assistant Professor of Biology

Title of Presentation: The amber forest: what’s in there?

Research Interests: The goals of my lab are to study the physiology, population biology, ecology and biogeography of seaweeds, with an emphasis on eastern Pacific kelp forests. Our research integrates organismal biology, population and community ecology, and a strong emphasis on quantitative and experimental techniques to assess spatial and temporal patterns in coastal marine communities. Members of our group do field research in California, Washington, Alaska, Mexico, Chile and Peru on topics ranging from dispersal and dormancy in marine seaweeds to the effects of global warming and El Niño-Southern Oscillations on their latitudinal range limits.

Photo montage of Matt Edwards and his field sites and research species.