Elizabeth Dinsdale

Department of Biology
Associate Professor, Biology

Office/Lab: SDSU Main Campus, Life Science North 308
Phone: 619-594-5623 (office)
Email: edinsdale@mail.sdsu.edu

Dinsdale Lab

Dr. Dinsdale’s lab at San Diego State University uses next-generation sequencing to tease apart ecological and evolutionary relationships within marine, coral reef and kelp forest ecosystems. We are a multi-disciplinary team of students and researchers from around the globe.

Dr. Dinsdale helped establish one of the first university-level classes to offer hands-on experience with a pyrosequencing machine. In 2011, students of BIOL596 Ecological Metagenomics at SDSU sequenced the California sea lion genome at 12X coverage. Students applied bioinformatics and statistics techniques to analyze the resulting genomes and metagenomes.

We apply DNA sequencing technology to answer questions in microbial ecology and genetics.


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In Review

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Micheal Doane (Ph.D.)

B.S. Integrative Biology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Research Interests: Microbial community ecology and ecosystem function

Dissertation topic: The shark skin microbiome: Drivers of microbial community structure

Email: mdoane@sdsu.edu

Megan Morris (Ph.D.)

B.S. Biology, San Diego State University (2011)

Research Interests: Microbial ecology, kelp forest ecology, metagenomics

Dissertation topic: Microbial communities associated with Macrocystis pyrifera

Email: mmorris@sdsu.edu