Announcing the 2004 version of the Scoring Program for the MacArthur-Bates CDIs!

  • Updated and corrected normative tables for English and Spanish long forms to appear in Fenson et al., 2005 (Brookes Publishing Co.).
  • Extended age range of the English Words & Gestures to 18 months.
  • Updated Child Report forms and Parent Letters.
  • Automated look up of percentile scores for Girls and Boys separately or Both Sexes Combined (NEW!) for key variables for the Words & Gestures/Inventario I and Words & Sentences/Inventario II forms.
  • Easily import your existing participant and CDI record information into the CDI2004 to take advantage of the new normative information and extended age range for the Words & Gestures form (See Importinginstructions.doc).

The Scoring Program for the MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventories, Version 2004 (Virginia Marchman ©2004) will run on the following operating systems:  MS Windows 95/98/2000 or XP and you will need to have either MS Office 97, MS Office 2000 or MS Office XP (Access, Word, Excel). (Sorry, no mac version is available.)

The program is suitable for use by any researcher or clinician who is a regular user of the MacArthur-Bates CDIs (English and/or Spanish), either the short or long forms. The program:

Scores the English (MacArthur Communicative Development Inventory: Words & Gestures, Words & Sentences) and Spanish (Inventario del Desarrollo de Habilidades Comunicativas: Palabras y Gestos, Palabras y Enunciados) forms. Version 4.1 also scores the short forms, including Level I (8-16 months), IIA and B (16-30 months), and the newly available, Level III (appropriate for children 30-37 months of age).
Automatically calculates percentiles for key variables which are included in reports to parents or for in-house use. The program also calculates "composite" scores which merge responses from both the English and Spanish CDIs (Pearson & Fernandez, 1994; Pearson, et al, 1993). A file listing these matches is available for download by clicking on the following link: English/Spanish Concept Matches.
Generates Child Reports and Parent Letters that summarize responses in a user-friendly format. Child report and letter templates to fit a variety of specific situations are currently available in English and Spanish. Templates can be modified to meet your own needs and can be tailored for several sub-populations (e.g., a set for normal language participants, a set for children with SLI).



See Samples

Establishes a database of participants which tracks demographic or medical history, CDI data, other administrations (user-defined "Other Admins") and group identifications (user-defined "Selection tags").
IS EASY TO USE! And, you don't need a scanner or any additional equipment to use the program!!! You can enter hand-enter data into the program using an easy, user-friendly system. Entering the data for a complete CDI takes less time than hand counting!!! Hand-entered data can be input at the category (e.g., Animal Sounds) or item level. If you have an NCS scanner, the CDI program can import files generated by Scantools ( (Our scantools application files for English and Spanish CDIs are available upon request.)
Generates "Selected Variable" summaries of data, selecting participants by any criterion and outputting any variable from the CDI and/or user-defined "other administrations" or "selection tags". These can be output into a table (Access) or spreadsheet (Excel) format. Spreadsheets can be imported to statistical packages as needed.
Everything that you need to know (hopefully) about how to use the CDI Scoring program is contained in a handy User's Guide. The CDI program also includes an on-line help system!!!
The program is FREE, but please do NOT distribute it without permission. Potential users of the program are asked to provide their Name, Email Address and Institution for record keeping purposes, and so that we can notify you of potential updates. For questions or more information, contact Virginia Marchman,

If you are ready to download the program, just click on the link below and follow the instructions!

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