The royalties received from the sale of the CDI instruments are placed in a nonprofit account at the San Diego State University Foundation and are used to fund further research, assessment, and applications of the CDI instruments. Funding decisions are made by the board, which meets annually. The members of the board are:

Larry Fenson (Chair, Advisory Board)
Department of Psychology
San Diego State University
Virginia A. Marchman
Department of Psychology
Stanford University

Elizabeth Bates
In Memoriam:

Judy S. Reilly
San Diego State University
Dorthe Bleses
University of Southern Denmark
J. Steven Reznick
Department of Psychology
University of North Carolina
Philip S. Dale
Speech & Hearing Sciences, University of New Mexico.
Donna Thal
Department of Communicative Disorders
San Diego State University

Donna Jackson
University of Queretaro



Last Updated January 2013


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