Adaptations of the CDIs have been developed in a number of languages other than English. Norms are available in some of these languages. For the currently available information, including contact information, for these adaptations, click on the link below:

CDIs in other Languages

A survey of all known projects was conducted in 2011, and a complete listing of information on those projects is available as a downloadable pdf file: Adaptations Survey. That document has more extensive information on many of the projects than is included in the main link above. However, users should keep in mind that new projects have been added since the survey was conducted, and should check the full list on the main link to determine if a project is underway for any specific language.

The CDI instruments are copyrighted and creation of new adaptations of these instruments in other languages requires permission of the CDI Advisory Board.

The CDI Advisory Board has formulated guidelines for obtaining authorization for adaptations of the CDIs into other languages. These guidelines are described at:

Guidelines for the Adaptation of the CDIs

If permission is granted, developers of prospective new CDI adaptations should review the following reference:

Dale, P.S., Fenson, L., and Thal, D. (1993). Some suggestions for the adaptation of the MacArthur Communicative Development Inventories to additional languages. Unpublished manuscript.

Suggestions for Adapting the CDI to Other Languages

For further information, please contact Philip Dale at

Authors of CDIs in other languages are encouraged to advise Larry Fenson when new data or new manuscripts become available so the website can be updated.


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