Our History...

The California Center for Border and Regional Economic Studies (CCBRES) was established in 1998 at San Diego State University-Imperial Valley Campus

The Campus, by virtue of its location and focus, is in the unique position to be able to act as the catalyst of change through information and educational programs.  This will be a collaborative effort between CCBRES and the surrounding communities in the region.

The mission of CCBRES is to inform public and private decision makers of demographic, economic and social trends in the Imperial County and the western U.S.-Mexican border region. 

The vision of the SDSU-Imperial Valley Campus is to create a resource for the Imperial Valley, California-Baja California, Mexico border residents, and individuals interested in the issues surrounding the U.S.-Mexican border. 

The Center is responsible for the collection and compilation of trade statistics between California and Mexico as well as developing and maintaining an economic profile of Imperial County.  These data are stored and maintained at the Center in two separate databases.

The initial funding for CCBRES came from a Rural Business Enterprise Grant through the United States Department of Agriculture. This grant provided the set up funds to establish the infrastructure and conduct the initial research for the databases.

CCBRES Advisory Board

  • An advisory board with key representatives from the Imperial Valley-Mexicali and San Diego-Tijuana regions was developed to provide oversight and community representation.  Members of this board include:
    • Hildy Carrillo-Rivera, Calexico Chamber of Commerce
    • Victor Castillo, Small Business Development and International Trade Center
    • Samuel Díaz Hermosillo, Centro de Enseñanza Técnica y Superior
    • Khosrow Fatemi, San Diego State University-Imperial Valley Campus
    • David Fege, United States Environmental Protection Agency
    • Trisha Ferrand, Private Industry Council
    • Paul Ganster, Institute for Regional Studies of the Californias
    • Jim Gerber, Department of Economics / San Diego State University
    • Ken Hollis, Valley of Imperial Development Alliance
    • Gonzalo Huerta, Imperial Valley College
    • Rueben Lopez, Imperial Valley College
    • Cheryl Mason, California Employment Development Department
    • Frank Medeiros, San Diego State University-Imperial Valley Campus
    • Pat Miller, Pat Miller and Associates
    • Sergio Noriega, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California 
    • Eduardo Sánchez, Unidad de Estudios en Economía Agrícola y Agroempresa / Universidad Autonoma de Baja California 
    • Ben Solomon, Small Business Development Center
    • Cindy Stillman, Brawley Chamber of Commerce
    CCBRES Staff

    Kimberly Collins is the director of CCBRES.  Kimberly will be conducting much of the data collection and research as well as running the day to day operations of the Center.  Kimberly joins the Center after working as the Associate Director for the San Diego Regional Technology Alliance (SDRTA), an economic development agency in San Diego that focuses on high tech industries.  Before her tenure at the SDRTA, she was the Border Projects Coordinator at the Institute for Regional Studies of the Californias at San Diego State University-San Diego Campus.  Working directly with the Director of the Institute, Kimberly was the primary coordinator of the research programs along the U.S.-Mexican border.  She received her bachelor of arts in Political Science from the University of California San Diego and her master's degree in Political Science with a focus on International Relations from San Diego State University.  Her e-mail address is kcollins@mail.sdsu.edu.

    Richard Harmon is the Project Coordinator at the Center.  His responsibilities include the collecting and organizing of project data, the coordination of team member efforts, and the preparation of the end products.  With the assistance of Paulo Carrillo, Richard also puts together the monthly CCBRES Bulletin.  He is working on a Master’s degree in International Business at the Imperial Valley Campus of San Diego State University, and is a member of the College of Economists of Mexicali, Baja California.  Richard can be reached at rharmon@mail.sdsu.edu.

    Roberto González Jr. is a research assistant at the Center. Roberto will assist with developing and marketing the Center's products and projects.  He is currently working on the CCBRES Web Site.  He is also responsible for investigating, compiling, and organizing the information and statistics relevant to the Center's studies.   Roberto is a senior at the Imperial Valley Campus of San Diego State University.  He is double majoring in Psychology with a specialization in Research Methods, and teaching Spanish as a single subject and bilingual education.  Roberto is involved and serves on several campus and community oriented committees.  Roberto can be reached at gonzal34@rohan.sdsu.edu

    Nora Sandoval is an administrative assistant with the Center.  She is responsible for organizing, and entering the Center's information.  She is a freshman at the Imperial Valley Community College, and is majoring in International Business with a specialzation in International Management.  She serves on numerous community oriented committees.  Nora can be contacted at nsandoval@rohan.sdsu.edu

    CCBRES Contact Information
    720 Heber Avenue
    Calexico, CA. 92231