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Many of the students in the MPH program have internships at CBEACH. There are students from both Epidemiology and Health Promotion. Students from other disciplines and other universities also intern at CBEACH. There are undergraduates from Psychology, Biology, Community Health Education, and from the community colleges. There are graduate students from Social Work, Marriage and family Therapy, School psychology. Students from UCSD and Alliant University are represented as well.

CBEACH can provide a rich learning environment for students. Please feel free to explore our website and look at the variety of research projects our staff has done and is currently involved with. One of the Center's strengths is its diverse staff which results in diverse research interests to meet the interests of our students. If you are interested in any of our research projects, please contact the coordinator(s) for the project(s) to explore opportunities. Additionally, the staff at CBEACH can be a useful resource to explore thesis ideas that are in their area of expertise.

The GSPH school website also provides more information about class schedules, deadlines and faculty information.

Information For New Incoming Students

Please make sure that you have subscribed to the GSPH email listserv. This page provides directions on how to subscribe. All job, internship, and important GSPH announcements will be sent thru the GSPH listserv.

Additionally, once enrolled you will each have a "homeroom" for your emphasis on Blackboard, a popular on-line educational tool for dissemination of course information and course material. Your homeroom on blackboard will provide useful information and faculty curriculum vitae. Blackboard is the best way to contact students in each specific concentration and the GSPH list serv is the best way to contact all students in the MPH program.