REFERENCE: Emerson, J. A., Hovell, M. F., Meltzer, S. B., Zakarian, J. M., Hofstetter, C. R., Wahlgren, D. R., Leaderer, B. P., Meltzer, E. O. (1995). The accuracy of environmental tobacco smoke exposure measures among asthmatic children. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 48, 1251-1259.

This study determined the reliability and validity of parent-reported measures of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) exposure among 91 asthmatic children. Test-retest reliability assessments were conducted for environmental, biological and parent-reported measures of ETS exposure. All measures except a urine cotinine assay resulted in satisfactory levels of reliability. The parent-reported measures of ETS exposure were compared to the environmental filter measure of nicotine as well as submitted to a construct validity test. Parent-reported home exposure to ETS proved moderately and significantly correlated to the filter measure. Approximately 80% of all hypothetical constructs agreed with the observed relationships for convergent, divergent, and discriminant validity. It was concluded that middle-class Caucasian parents' reports of their asthmatic child's residential ETS exposure are reliable and valid. These parent-reported measures should be valuable tools for epidemiological investigations and for clinical programs designed to reduce asthmatic children's residential exposure to ETS.


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