REFERENCE: Hovell, M. F., Koch, A., Hofstetter, C. R., Sipan, C., Faucher, P., Dellinger, A., Borok, G., Forsythe, A., Felitti, V. (1988). Long-term weight loss maintenance: Assessment of a behavioral and supplemented fasting regimen. American Journal of Public Health, 78, 663-666.

This analysis assessed 18-30-month weight loss maintenance following treatment with both behavior modification and supplemented fasting procedures for 400 patients. Fifty-five percent of the patients who started treatment discontinued prior to completing the program. Patients who completed treatment lost a mean of 83.9 percent of their excess weight, but regained an average of 59 percent to 82 percent of their initial excess weight by 30 months following start of treatment. The combination of behavior modification and supplemented fasting regimens was a successful means of effecting weight loss. However, there appeared to be limited weight loss maintenance. Behavioral epidemiological studies are needed to identify variables responsible for maintenance of weight loss.


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