REFERENCE: Maibach, W., Scutchfield, F. D., Hovell, M. F. (1984). A survey of primary-care physician preventive services: Implications smoking-cessation counseling. Patient Education and Counseling, 6, 113-115.

We surveyed office-based preventive procedures among a random sample of primary-care physicians. The completed response rate was 60%, with no discernible bias between respondents and nonrespondents. Of the ten preventive procedures inquired about, seven were offered by more than 70% of the respondents. Further detail was obtained for a "tracer" procedure, smoking-cessation counseling. While 73.5% of respondents reported offering this, the majority desired additional support in their counseling efforts in the form of patient materials, physician guides, or continuing medical education workshops. Additionally, 79% felt that feedback provided to them concerning their patients' cessation efforts would improve their ability to help patients stop smoking.


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