REFERENCE: Blumberg, E. J., Hovell, M. F., Werner, C. A., Kelley, N. J., Sipan, C. L., Burkham, S. M., Hofstetter, C. R. (1997). Evaluating AIDS-related social skills in Anglo and Latino adolescents. Behavior Modification, 21, 281-307.

The purpose of this study was to examine the assessment of AIDS-related social skills (measured by role play) in Anglo and Latino adolescents (N = 383) and to explore ethnic and gender differences on these skills. Eight skills were assessed on five measures evaluating molar, molecular, verbal, and nonverbal dimensions of behavior. Interrelationships between skills and measurement dimensions were examined using factor analysis. Results revealed that Anxiety and Nonverbal Behavior each loaded across different skills on individual respective factors, whereas verbal content and assertiveness measures loaded by skill on separate factors. Differences in skill emerged between female and male, and Latino and Anglo youth. Preliminary social validity data were collected for the skill assessed. Social validity results were skill specific, with judges validating certain skills and certain measurement dimensions more than others. Implications for future assessment and intervention research of AIDS-related social skills are discussed.


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