REFERENCE: Hovell, M. F., Kolody, B., Sallis, J. F., Black, D. R. (1996). Parent support, physical activity, and correlates of adiposity in nine year olds: An exploratory study. Journal of Health Education, 27, 126-129.

Because obesity in childhood is a strong predictor of obesity in adulthood (Clarke & Lauer, 1993), there is concern over the rapidly increasing rates of obesity in youth in the United States (Kuczmarski, 1993). Television viewing has been consistently but weakly related to obesity in children (Robinson & Killen, 1995). The laws of thermodynamics seem to insist that eating, physical activity, or both are involved in the etiology of childhood obesity, so the conflicting findings call for more study.

The present study was designed to explore the relationships between parent support for physical activity and their children's level of adiposity. Because of recent findings of gender differences in physical activity and responses to behavior change interventions (Stone, Baranowski, Sallis, & Cutler, 1995), gender-specific analyses were conducted.


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