REFERENCE: Mayer, J. A., Slymen, D. J., Jones, J. A., Allen, J. L., Eckhardt, L. E., Hovell, M. F., Williams, S. J. (1992). Mammography knowledge and intentions among insured women. Preventive Medicine, 21, 8-17.

Method. A survey was conducted among 1,113 randomly selected insured state university employees to evaluate knowledge of the American Cancer Society mammography guidelines, awareness of insurance coverage for screening mammograms, previous guideline adherence, and future mammography intentions.

Results. The survey, which included two mailings with follow-up phone calls of nonresponders, had a refusal rate of 6%. Respondents were relatively more likely to know the guidelines for older age groups; 77% knew the guideline for women 50+. Over-one third of the respondents were not aware that their insurance policy covered screening mammograms. For women who had never had a mammogram, insurance knowledge was significantly related to intentions to have a mammogram in the future. Previous screening adherence, as well as future intentions, was positively related to the age of respondent. The results are contrasted with those of previous studies, and the implications for the content of future breast cancer screening campaigns are discussed.


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