REFERENCE: Hovell, M. F., Geary, D. C., Black, D. R., Kamachi, K., Kirk, R. (1984). The effects of lay counseling on medication adherence and blood pressure: Adjunctive treatment for hypertension. Patient Education and Counseling, 6, 91-94.

Ten noncompliant hypertensive patients were monitored and received counseling from trained aides. Monitoring and lay counseling was associated with a reduction of - 10 mmHg in systolic blood pressure and of -7 mmHg in diastolic pressure {P < 0.05). Medication adherence increased from 69% to 84%. Counseling resulted in pressure decreases equal to those obtained by usual care for similar but compliant patients. This analysis provides a model for paraprofessional adjunctive counseling of patients thought to be adhering poorly to their medication regimen, which may improve control of hypertension.


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