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Open graduate student positions

PhD and MS student positions are available for studies of ecosystem-atmosphere water and carbon exchange using stable isotope tracers (13CO2, HDO, H218O) linking spectroscopy isotope data and modeling in Wind River Experimental Forest and southern California.

The ecology program at SDSU offers a joint PhD program in Ecology with University of California, Davis in a collaborative research environment. If accepted, salary and benefits are provided for 5 years. Application information can be found at the graduate admissions.

Students are expected to participate in every aspect of research activities including field work, sample analysis in the laboratory, data analysis and
interpretation. Students are required to publish research findings in scientific journals and are encouraged to present results in national conferences. Applicants with computer programming and modeling experiences are desired. Application deadline is December 15.

To apply, please contact Dr. Chun-Ta Lai with a copy of your CV and a brief statement about your goals and research interests.