Information on teaching

If you wish to be a teacher, you will apply to a postbaccaleureate credential program after completing your undergraduate degree. In order to enter a credential program, you must demonstrate subject matter competency. For those wishing to be multiple subject elementary school teachers (and in some cases, middle school teachers), you will need to pass the California Subject Examination for Teachers-Multiple Subject (CSET-MS). Also see SDSU's School of Teacher Education page that summarizes Subject Matter Competency. Look at SDSU Liberal Studies web site where preparation for Elementary and Middle School teaching, and the Liberal Studies B.A. are addressed.


If you are interested in teaching a single subject (such as biology) at the high school level:

  1. Please visit the web site for the School of Teacher Education and read through the information on their prospective student application "To Do" list. Look at the coursework required before applying, and while in the program.
  2. See one of the prosepctve student advisors in SDSU's School of Teacher Education's as soon as possible. Information about walk-in and group advising sessions can be found here.
  3. In order to enter a credential program, you will have to demonstrate subject matter competency. There are two ways to do this.
    1. The most common way to demonstrate competency is by passing the standardized California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) exams. Also see SDSU's School of Teacher Education page that summarizes Subject Matter Competency.
    2. Alternatively, you may take a defined set of SDSU courses that serve in lieu of the CSET exams. The SDSU Department of Biology has been evaluated and approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) to offer this specialized program. See the coursework advisory checklists on our degree information page for “coursework preparation for the SSTC.” Note the following:
      • There are several courses in this subject matter program that would not normally be part of the B.S. in Biology, and do not count towards your B.S. in Biology
      • Additional courses may be required in order to apply to the SSTC program, separate from those listed on Biology's SSTC coursework checklist. Those additional courses are required by the School of Teacher Education, but are unlrelated to your competency in Biology/Science.
      • Finally, note that your upper division electives for this program are very specific. Because your coursework will be different from the normal Biology degree, please review the course checklist, and then contact the Biology SSTC program advisor Dr. Kathy Williams as soon as you think you might be interested in the coursework alternative to the CSET.

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