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The Biology department courses are all archived on the Library's repository. Here is the link: Biology course syllabi archive

Course syllabi for some previous years have been archived here.

2018-2019 course checklist

Here is a checklist of all 2018-2019 Biology department classes that includes an early draft of the Spring 2019 checklist. Note that this is only a draft, and that our plans for Spring may change depending on budget and staffing issues.

Archived checklists of the courses we offered in past academic years:
Summer 2014 - Spring 15
Summer 2013 - Spring 14
Summer 2012 - Spring 13
Summer 2011 - Spring 12
Summer 2010 - Spring 11
Summer 2009 - Spring 10

Transfer courses

The current database of all transfer courses that SDSU will automatically accept is the Transfer Admission Planner. If you are a Biology or Microbiology major or minor, see the Bioadvising office to review additional science and math courses. If you need a Biology course reviewed for a different major, see your major advisor. Your major advisor must approve all transfer coursework (even if the course is a Biology course).

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