Information on the Chemistry 200 placement exam

Freshman Biology and Microbiology majors

If you are an incoming freshman in the Biology or Microbiology major, the most important class for you to take this fall is Chemistry 200, assuming that you are well-prepared for it. Here is the relevant information about Chem 200 registration:

  1. If you took AP Chemistry and scored 3 or higher on the exam, you will receive credit for Chem 200 and 201, and don't need to take it again. (Chem 200 credit will also be issued for College Level Exam Credit: 50 or higher). When you get to orientation this summer, we'll meet and determine the best coursework choices for you this fall.

  2. If you have not taken high school chemistry, or you have forgotten the majority of it, then you will probably not be prepared to take Chem 200 at SDSU and get an A or B. You will register for Chem 100 this fall, and then take Chem 200 in your second semester. Registration will take place just after you attend new student orientation this summer. Please attend orientation if at all possible! In case you haven't registered yet, information about orientation is available on this web site:

  3. If you are ready for Chem 200 this fall, you'll need to establish that fact by taking a placement test this summer. This test establishes whether you remember enough high school Chemistry to bypass Chemistry 100. Take the exam at least 3 days before your Orientation date so that it will be scored and your record will be updated before Orientation. That way, you will be able to register for Chem 200 at your first opportunity. Information is available on this web page:
    Some practice questions are provided on that web site as a "sample exam", as well as a link to the Testing Office. Within the Testing Office's web site, click on Testing Information and Registration, then Chemistry Department Placement Exam. You'll see the specific days that the Chem 200 placement exam is being offered. If you don't get a high enough score on this exam (or choose not to take it), you'll need to take Biology 100 this fall.

  4. If you are not in the San Diego area, arrangements can be made to have the test proctored at another college or university near you. But these arrangements must be made very early in the summer. Contact the SDSU Testing Office at (619) 594-5216.

We look forward to seeing you on campus this fall !


Andrew Bohonak
Professor and Vice Chair of Biology
Director of Undergraduate Advising and Curriculum



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