Mitochondrion Tilt Series

60 Electron Micrographs Recorded at 2 Degree Intervals
on the JEOL 4000 400 kV Electron Microscope

Author: T. G. Frey

Click on the arrow at the bottom left. You can also "grab" the slide button to rotate the mitochondrion manually.

A series of electron micrographs recorded from a 0.5 micron section of a mitochondrion in a chick cerebellum dendrite. There are 61 images in the tilt series recorded at two degree intervals from -60° to +60°. This movie shows the images sequentially 12 per second as if viewed live while the section is being rotated.

Ref: Perkins, G., Renken, C., Martone, M.E., Young, S.J., Ellisman, M., and Frey, T. "Electron Tomography of Neuronal Mitochondria: THree-Dimensional Structure and Organization of Cristae and Membrane Contacts" Journal of Structural Biology 119, 260-272 (1997).