Mitochondrion Reconstructed by Electron Tomography

Author: T. G. Frey

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Three-dimensional reconstruction of a dendritic mitochondrion from chick cerebellum reconstructed tomographically from a tilt series of a 0.5 micron section. The tomogram was segmented by manually contouring into regions bounded by the outer, inner boundary, and cristal membranes shown in dark blue, light blue, and yellow respectively. Only the initial frame shows the outer membrane; in subsequent frames the inner boundary membrane is displayed as translucent so that the cristal membrane can be viewed through it. Note that the inner boundary membrane and the cristal membrane are components of the inner mitochondrial membrane and are one continuous surface joined at 30 nm diameter tubular connections or crista junctions.

Ref: Perkins, G., Renken, C., Martone, M.E., Young, S.J., Ellisman, M., and Frey, T. "Electron Tomography of Neuronal Mitochondria: THree-Dimensional Structure and Organization of Cristae and Membrane Contacts" Journal of Structural Biology 119, 260-272 (1997).