What you need to know about amino acids!

Know that the following are hydrophobic and ...


Alanine-know structure

Valine-know that it's aliphatic

Leucine-know that it's aliphatic

Proline- has an aliphatic chain that binds to alpha amino

Isoleucine -know that it's aliphatic

Methionine-has a sulfur bonded between two carbons

Glycine-know structure, no D/L forms


Phenylalanine-know structure

Tyrosine-know structure and that it's often classed as polar/uncharged

Tryplophan-know that it's aromatic

Know that the following are uncharged and polar

Serine-know structure, -OH group

Cysteine-like Ser with -SH

Threonine-2 chiral centers and has -OH

Asparagine-amide version of Asp, polar but no charge

Glutamine-amide version of Glu, polar but no charge

Know that the following are acidic and usually negatively charged.

Aspertic Acid-know structure

Glutamic Acid-know structure (one more CH2 than Asp)

Know that the following are basic and usually positively charged.

Lysine-primary amino group, know structure

Arginine-positive charge

Histidine-imidazole group; basic with positive charge below pH 6 or so