Stephen A. Schellenberg

. . . straddling the boundaries along land, sea, and air


Welcome to my homepage, where I’ve taken the traditional university approach of parsing my professional life into research, teaching, and service. Finer-scale facts and figures are available in my curriculum vitae.

My general disciplinary interests include paleontology, paleoclimate, geochemistry, and biomineralization. Specifically, I explore how the chemistry of animal skeletons, mainly mollusc shells, can inform our understanding of ancient biology, ecology, and climate. I also explore what the fossil record of ostracodes, small arthropods who produce the only numerically-significant animal fossils in the deep-ocean, can reveal about the long environmental history of this vast global environment.

In addition to these disciplinary endeavors, I am committed to effective teaching (or, more broadly, pedagogy, which can be defined as the science and art of education) and to meaningful service on local to global scales. Over time, these research, teaching, and service endeavors are increasingly folding into and informing one another. For example, I am currently involved in STEM and General Education efforts at SDSU and co-organize the annual Urbino Summer School in Paleoclimatogy.

I am currently transitioning into my new role as the Associate Dean of the Division of Undergraduate Studies, and look forward to building relationships across the university and broader community that will promote student, faculty, and institutional success.

Warm Regards, s!