Erosion Control
       Vertical mulch
Microcatchment water harvesting (PDF File)
Microcatchment water harvesting for desert revegation
Topsoil storage
Methods for plant sampling
Native seed collection, processing, and storage for revegetation projects
Plant protection
Desert Outplanting
       Rainfall catchments
       Perforated drainage pipe
       Irrigation and mulch
Soil Strength
       Addressing soil strength problems on restoration projects
       Soil strength remediation
       The effects of disturbance on soil characteristics relevent for revegetation
Developing a site environment history
Coastal Sage Scrub Restoration
       Coastal sage scrub restoration Research 1997-1999
       Coastal sage scrub restoration Research 2000
       Selaginella propagation and transplanting 1997-1999
       Selaginella propagation and transplanting 2000
Possible zinc deficiency on disturbed sites

Last Update: March 14, 2019