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Soil Ecology and Restoration Group
San Clemente Island

Julie Lambert, Senior Project Manager

San Clemente Island Native Habitat Restoration Program
Soil Ecology and Restoration Group
San Diego State University Biology Department
6475 Alvarado Rd. Suite 238
San Diego, CA 92120

SCI: (619) 524-9048
FAX: (619) 524-9023

     The Soil Ecology and Restoration Group (SERG) has been conducting research on San Clemente Island (SCI) under the SCI Habitat Resoration Program since 2000. The goal of SERG SCI is to ensure the long-term viability of native island species through the restoration and stewardship of native plant communities, which also helps to ensure the long-term success of SCI Naval operations. Tasks identified as critical to the success of this program include native plant seed collection, plant propagation and maintenance of a native plant nursery, restoration site installation and maintenance, monitoring of sensitive and endangered native plant populations and monitoring and control of invasive plant populations. Additional  projects have focused on the following tasks:

  • Maintenance of an Island seed bank and seed processing facility
  • Maintenance of an Island herbarium
  • Collection of fire data including fuel moisture monitoring and wildland fire severity assessment and mapping
  • Noxious weed mapping and treatment of small or incipient populations
  • Restoration of erosion-prone sites

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