Soil Ecology and Research Group

last update February 22, 2005


The Navy has contracted with the Soil Ecology Restoration group of San Diego State University to assist in the development of a habitat restoration program for San Clemente Island. Currently we are beginning to set up a nursery, collecting native seeds, and analyzing existing conditions. nursery construction has begun. A site near the new Natural Resource Facility has been selected, and operations yard, a headhouse structure, benches and shade house have been constructed. A location has been selected for the construction of a green house which is anticipated to be completed by winter 2000. Propagation at the new facility has already begun. A small amount of seed has been collected and seed collection will be on going. Other propagation techniques including stem and root cuttings, and possibly tissue culture will be used. The first group of container plants will be ready for outplanting next winter. Locations for direct seeding are being analyzed to improve habitat quality. The habitat restoration program will utilize information collected from and interact with other on going Navy botanical programs which include Vegetation Trend Studies, Genetics and Exotic Weed Control. The habitat restoration program will coordinate closely with the Shrike Working Group to prioritize locations for shrike habitat improvement. Twelve sites are being selected for habitat improvement, existing trees, shrubs, and habitats will be mapped, prescriptions for habitat improvement will be developed and implemented.

San Clemente Island Loggerhead Shrike Habitat Restoration (February 22, 2005)
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Island Oak (Quercus tomentella) Reforestation

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