The following is a listing of some equipment and supplies we frequently use for restoration projects, and some suppliers from which they are they are available. Some of these items have not been scientifically field tested, but may be of interest to restorationists.

Plant protectors

Tree shelters have worked well but are not a panacea for all situations and species. Plants with upright growth forms and rapid growth rates seem particularly well suited for tree shelters. The benefits in reducing transplant shock seem to extend to many other species as well and a 2-3 month starting shelter may be generally advised. We are currently studying the environment (moisture, light, and CO2 levels) within TreePee, Tubex, and wire cage treeshelters.

  • Tree Sentry: Summit Environmental Group, LLC
         114 Sylvania Ave, PO Box 12267
         Toledo, OH, 43612
         Voicemail: (419) 720-0185
         Fax: (419) 720-0187
  • Tree Pro The Tree Pro shelters (8" to 6 feet) are made of polyethylene and are assembled on site. The top is flared to reduce damage.
         Tree Pro Tree Protectors
         445 Lourdes Lane
         Lafayette, IN 47905
         (317) 463-1011
  • BLUE-X The Blue-X shelters are made of rolled recycled X ray film.
         All Season Wholesale Nursery
         10656 Sheldon Woods Way
         Elk Grove, CA 95624
         (916) 689-0902
  • Wire screen fences (currently being studied), tubes, and cages. Wire fences, cages and boxes can be made in any shape desired. Rabbits and rodents rarely cross three foot tall fences. Cattle and burros can be controlled with six foot cages made with T-posts and welded wire mesh or tall treeshelters. We have found that 1/2"-2" wire mesh threaded over 1/4" reinforcing bar stakes ("pencil rod") works very well. These can be readily dismantled for reuse on other sites.
  • Repellents
    Many commercial and homemade solutions have been tried to little avail. Systemic repellents included in container mix appear most likely to help.
         ASG Consultants
         7868 11th Avenue, Burnaby, BC
         (604) 521-0864


We recently published a paper in Restoration and Management notes on techniques for plant establishment in arid ecosystems, in which we give a detailed explanation of containers and soil mixes (ask for our paper).

  • Plant bands are often the best option for growing plants. Costs are low and 2x2x14" bands provide a good root:shoot ratio.

         Stuewe and Sons (cells, foam blocks, plant bands)
         31933 Rolland Drive
         Tangent, OR 97389
         (800) 553-5331

         Forestry Suppliers, Inc.
         205 West Rankin Street
         Jackson, MS 39201
         (800) 647-5368

         Monarch MFG
         13154 County Rd 140
         Salida, CO 81201
         (719) 539-3335


  • Cannon Tree Planter (IRS)
  • Echo EA-410
  • Subaru EH035


  • DRiWATER " water bound in the form of a gel. When placed in contact with microbiological life forms found in soil, DRiWATER dissolves back into water at a controlled rate of flow" (from brochure). A slow release drip irrigation system.

    715 South Point Blvd., Suite P
    Petaluma, California 94954
    (707) 528-9283
    FAX: (707) 528-3391

  • Pumps - Honda WB20x
  • Tanks - Waterboy Transporter
  • Water jugs (3 gal Igloo) BM
  • Battery irrigation valve (Galcon) GS
  • Watering cans (French) GS

  • Gardener's Supply
    128 Intervale Road
    Burlington, VT 05401
    (800) 444-6417


  • Backpack Sprayer - Stihl SG20


  • McConkey (800) 426-8124

Last Update: March 14, 2019