Jeannine Lessmann Ph.D.,

B.S. Biology - University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland.

Ph.D. Oceanography and Coastal Sciences with emphasis physiological ecology of coastal wetland vegetation. Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Recent Studies:

March 1, 1999-Present: Post-doctor, Pacific Estuarine Research Laboratory, San Diego State University. Basic and applied ecology of wetland macrophytes. My primary research interest is the influence of environmental factors on plant establishment, distribution and productivity in natural as well as restored communities.

01/98-02/98: J. William Fulbright Fellow, Department of Plant Ecology, University of Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark

For this post-doctoral research, I examined the intraspecific response in Phragmites clones (collected from geographically distinct areas within Europe) to environmental gradients, particularly the interactive effects of temperature and salinity on plant growth and photosynthesis. The results of this research will be used in implementing management plans to restore die-back areas of Phragmites in Europe. This was part of the EUREED project in which Dr. Hans Brix at the University of Aarhus and other universities in Europe are participating.

06/92-12/99: Graduate Fellow and Research Assistant, Wetland Biogeochemistry Institute, Louisiana State University

During my Ph.D. program, I examined intraspecific variation of wetland species in response to soil waterlogging and salinity. My objectives were 1) to identify genotypes of wetland grasses exhibiting differential flood tolerance and, 2) examine these selected genotypes for their growth and physiological response when subjected separately and in combination to flooding and salinity under both field and greenhouse conditions. Specific chararacteristics were identified in these differentially stress-tolerant genotypes that could enable their use to enhance wetland restoration efforts and success.

Recent publications and presentations:

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