Janelle checks minnow trap for the catch of the day at Sweetwater Marsh.

Janelle West, Research Associate

B.S. Biology - Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA. M.S. Ecology - San Diego State University, San Diego, CA.

Janelle's recently completed Master's thesis examined fish use of vegetated marsh surface habitats during high spring tides at Sweetwater Marsh National Wildlife Refuge. She is currently assisting with several other research projects at PERL: food-web interactions among estuarine fish assemblages, the diel feeding dynamics of several estuarine fishes (CA halibut, CA killifish, and topsmelt), and a project evaluating the importance of marsh access for the growth of the CA killifish. She also oversees the identification of benthic invertebrate samples for the monitoring programs at Tijuana Estuary and at Los Peñasquitos Lagoon.

Recent publications and presentations:

* Presentations/publications prior to August 1999 are under maiden name, J. M. Johnson.

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