Joy Zedler, Director of PERL

Ph.D. - Botany, 1968, U. Wis., Madison
M.S. - Botany, 1966, U. Wis., Madison

Joy Zedler is the Aldo Leopold Professor of Restoration Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum and Botany Department.


Zedler's research interests include restoration and wetland ecology, role of biodiversity in ecosystem function, use of mesocosms in experimentation, invasive plants, and adaptive management. She helps edit five peer-reviewed journals (Ecological Applications, Wetlands Ecology and Management, Ecological Engineering, Ecosystems, Ecological Applications) and is a recent recipient of the National Wetlands Award for Science Research (Environmental Law Inst. & Environmental Protection Agency).

She is a member of The Nature Conservancy Governing Board; the Environmental Defense Fund Board of Trustees; Wisconsin Natural Areas Preservation Council, and several professional societies (Ecological Society of America, Estuarine Research Federation, American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, Society for Ecological Restoration, and Society of Wetland Scientists). As Director of Research for the UW Arboretum, she is developing a Center for Restoration Ecology that seeks to improve restoration effectiveness.

Recent Publications

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