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This web site is in support of Math 241 (MATLAB Workshop) taught by Dr. Don Short.  

This five week MATLAB Workshop is being offered to those students needing a working knowledge of MATLAB. MATLAB is widely used in industry for computer computations and is used in several courses within the Mathematics and Computer Science Department. The Workshop will be held in the BAM 120 Computer Laboratory giving hand-on experience in every session. Recommended prerequisites for this workshop are a knowledge of Calculus (Math 150 and 151) and introductory programming (Computer Science 107). The required text for this workshop is Getting Started with MATLAB 6 by Rudra Pratap.

The Workshop will cover MATLAB calculations, programming, file management, 2 and 3 dimensional graphics, and the use of built-in matrix and differential equation solver functions.

The Workshop begins on Monday, January 28, 2002, and ends on Wednesday, February 27, 2002. You may take this Workshop either for a grade or credit/no credit. Grading will be based on programming assignments.


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