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Welcome to the Ecology Analytical Facility!

Faculty in the Ecology Program Area (EPA) conduct research in many aspects of earth system science with foci on ecological function and consequences in both aquatic and terrestrial systems. To support ecological education and research at SDSU, EPA operates an analytical facility that owns several state-of-the-art instruments for nutrient and chemical compound analyses, including:

  • a Thermo Scientific DeltaPlus IRMS for C and N stable isotopes analyses
  • a PerkinElmer DV 4300 ICP-OES for multi-elemental detection
  • a Lachat QuikChem 8000 nutrient analyzer

The facility collects a break-even fee from users. A user policy that explains rates, instrument schedule and user priority is available upon request, and will be posted soon! Please come back and revisit us.

This website is managed by Dr. Chun-Ta Lai.

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