Steve Barlow

Electron Microscope Facility, San Diego State University

Terry Frey
scanning electron microscope picture of the hed of a fly


  1. To provide instruction in the use of microscopes to students and researchers.
  2. To serve as a core resource accessible to students and researchers.
  3. To increase the use of microscopes in science classes.

To use the Facility equipment, or to collaborate with researchers in the Facility, please contact:
Dr. Steve Barlow (619) 594-4523 or

Scanning electron microscope picture of marine flagellate
  • Facility Equipment
  • Google Calender reservations for certified users
  • Google Calender
  • User Logs
  • Instruction
  • Classes
  • A how-to on creating custom mutimedia training tools
  • Instructional videos
  • Microscopy outreach: microscopes in education

  • Some insights into how a science teacher and his class interact in preparation for a remote access SEM session, then use the SEM 12 miles from the classroom
    (This is part of a 8 part series on how an elementary school designed a high tech SEM project, then used the SDSU scanning electron microscope to carry it out.)

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