There are several purposes of this web site. The first is to provide copies of all BASIC programs produced by Cornered Rat Software© that are used in

Plant and Animal Populations
Methods in Demography
T. A. Ebert


Copies of Mac programs and copies of PC programs have been stuffed (MAC) or zipped (PC) and you will need software to unstuff or unzip in order to read the text files. If you do no already have this software (you probably do), you can obtain free copies by clicking on the unstuff or unzip links. If in doubt, go ahead and download the programs and, if you can't read them, get the appropriate expanding program.

A second purpose of this web site is to provide a link with a site where a free BASIC interpreter can be obtained.

A third purpose is to provide sample data sets analyzed in the text and presented as problems.

Finally, this site provides an errata sheet for the book as well as an opportunity for you to list errors you have found.