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Motion Sensing with Wii

Below you'll find both the software and the instructions for installing and using the software. The software found below will work with both older and newer Wii motes.

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FAQs and useful info:

  1. In order to collect data for a Wii mote, the colored circle for each mote must be visible on the computer screen. If the mote is pointed towards the sensor bar, and you are not too far from or too close to it, then data should be collected and reflected in the corresponding graph.
      • Keep in mind that the colored circle is only an indicator of detection and is not part of the position-time graph. Ie students need only focus on it to the extent that they know it is there and their mote is being detected.
  2. If both motes are being used, then the signal may be blocked by standing in front of the other mote.


Right-click or control-click to download the files linked below.

Wii Graph User Guide (PDF)

Wii Software (ZIP archive - 81 MB) (password required)