Macintosh HD:Users:susannickerson:Desktop:RM webpage:RMcover.jpgTwelve video clips of childrenÍs thinking have been selected for use by students using Part I and Part III of the Reconceptualizing Mathematics textbook. Information on each of these clips is found in the textbook Appendix A.


The first six video clips were a product of Integrating Mathematics and Pedagogy (IMAP), a federally funded, 3-year project designed to integrate information about childrenÍs thinking about mathematics into mathematics content courses for college students intending to become elementary school teachers. Contact the Principal Investigator, Dr. Randy Philipp,, if you wish to get more information on this project. The seventh video clip was created as part of a research project funded by NSF, Mapping Developmental Trajectories of StudentsÍ Conceptions of Integers. Contact the Principal Investigator, Dr. Lisa Lamb,, if you wish to get more information on this project.


Video Clip 1: First graders add and subtract.


Video Clip 2: Javier uses mental strategies to multiply.


Video Clip 3: Rachel explains how to change a mixed number into an improper fraction.


Video Clip 4: Ally is asked to compare pairs of fractions and change a mixed number to an improper fraction and an improper fraction into a mixed number.


Video Clip 5: Felisha explores basic fraction concepts.


Video Clip 6: Elliot shows how to divide fractions.


Video Clip 7: Violet solves a problem involving integers.


Video Clip 8: Children give definitions.


Video Clip 9: Andreas is asked to derive a formula.


Video Clip 10: Children engage in mathematical practices.

Video Clip 11: Children learning the big ideas of measurement.


Video Clip 12: Nicholas finds the volume of a prism.



These videos may not be reproduced, stored in another retrieval system, or transmitted in any form without permission of the San Diego State University Foundation. Any opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed are the opinions of the authors and not necessarily the opinion of NSF.