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Victoria R. Jacobs

Professor of Mathematics Education

E-Mail: vrjacobs@uncg.edu


Ph.D., Educational Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
M.S., Educational Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
B.A., Psychology, Dartmouth College

Research Interests

My research interests focus on understanding and promoting professional development opportunities for teachers. I also study children’s mathematical thinking, and research in this area forms the basis of my professional development work with teachers. I am particularly interested in designing, facilitating, and studying professional development that involves long-term collaborations with teachers and schools. These research interests build on my graduate studies in which I worked on the Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Research Projects

Studying Teachers' Evolving Perspectives (STEP): A Cross-Sectional Snapshot of Teachers Engaged in Sustained Professional Development Focused on Children's Mathematical Thinking
National Science Foundation (ESIE Teacher Professional Continuum Program) (2005 -2010)
Randolph Philipp and Victoria Jacobs

Our goal is to begin to map a trajectory for the evolution of elementary school teachers engaged in sustained professional development focused on children's mathematical thinking. (Web page)

Using Problem-Solving Interviews as a Tool for Teachers' Professional Development
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (Edward G. Begle Grant) (2002-2004)
Victoria Jacobs, Cathy Bullock, Cristi Cunningham, Julie Kusiak and Linda Verga

Investigation of elementary school teachers' questioning skills in eliciting, supporting, and extending children's mathematical thinking in one-on-one problem-solving interviews.

Preparing Elementary Teachers to Help Students Shift from Arithmetic to Algebraic Reasoning
National Science Foundation (ESIE Teacher Enhancement Program) (2000-2004)
Thomas P. Carpenter, Megan Loef Franke and Victoria Jacobs

Designed and evaluated professional development materials intended to help K-6 teachers foster classroom opportunities that enable children to move from arithmetic thinking to algebraic reasoning.

Providing "Invitations to Learn" to Elementary Mathematics Teachers
National Science Foundation (POWRE Program) (2000-2002)
Victoria Jacobs

Investigated the conceptualization and implementation of school-based, teacher-directed professional development.


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Jacobs, V. R. & Ambrose, R. C. (in press). Making the most of story problems. Teaching Children Mathematics.

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Jacobs, V. R., & Philipp R. A. (2004). Mathematical thinking: Helping prospective and practicing teachers focus. Teaching Children Mathematics, 11, 194-201.