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We are pleased to announce the successful Summer 2016 defenses of Brooke Ernest, John Gruver and Casey Hawthorne.  Congratulations!
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Congratulations to Drs. Hawthorne, Ernest, and Gruver, Summer 2016 Grads!

Casey Hawthorne, Brooke Ernest, and John Gruver: Summer 2016 Graduates

Recent Awards

Raymond LaRochelle won the Dean's Award for Research and Scholarship – College of Education, at the 2015 Student Research Symposium.


David Quarfoot PhD Defense
                             Fall 2015 graduate: David Quarfoot


MSED Grads 2015
     2015 Graduates: Bridget Druken, Mike Fredenburg, Molly Kelton


First and second year students (2015-2016) are:

First & second year MSED students 2015-2016

Katie Bjorkman (kbjorkman2@gmail.com)
Matthew Voigt (mkvoigt@gmail.com)
Carren Walker (carren@me.com)
Shawn Firouzian (sfirouzian@mail.sdsu.edu)
Lynda Wynn (mthteecher@aol.com)

Third year students are:

Fourth year students are:

Second year students


Fifth year students are:

John and Casey, second year grad students

Our sixth year student is


Spence & Jess - 2014 Grads
                2014 Graduates: Spencer Bagley and Jessica Ellis

2013 Graduates
       2013 Graduates: Jaime Diamond and Dov Zazkis

MSED Graduates in 2012 2012 Graduates: Ian Whitacre, Megan Wawro, Jen Lineback, George Sweeney, Zig, Michelle Nolasco. Not pictured: Michael Smith.




For information about former students, see the Graduates page (in the Events section).