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Debbie Escamilla

6475 Alvarado Road, Suite 206
San Diego, CA 92120

Phone: 619-594-4696 (MWF, 8:30–3:30)
Fax: 619-594-1581
E-Mail: MathSciPhD@sdsu.edu

Debbie Escamilla

Having worked here since Fall 1987, Debbie is CRMSE's senior staff member. She has served in many different capacities over the years but now assists the Coordinator (Joanne Lobato) and students of the Mathematics and Science Education (MSED) Ph.D. program.

Some of Debbie's responsibilities are listed below:

Student Applications

  • Coordinate all aspects of student applications:
    • Distribute application packets
    • Collect, organize, verify completeness of information received; Correspond with applicants as required
    • Copy and distribute applicant information to Graduate Admissions and the MSE admissions committee
    • Compile synopsis of student statistics for admissions committee
    • Maintain all applicant records
    • Maintain and improve the online application process
  • Interview procedures:
    • Where applicable, notify students of interview request
    • Arrange all aspects of applicant visits: times, places, people, lodging, transportation, etc.

Student Liaison

  • Coordinate places, people, and things for student's initial arrival in San Diego (e-mail accounts, mailboxes, residency, etc.)
  • Disseminate information to new students
  • Maintain class schedule on SIMS/R
  • Answer current students' questions in person or by e-mail, phone and USPS
  • Act as liaison between the doctoral students and various official groups to ensure that the students' paperwork is processed as promptly and accurately as possible
    • Official Groups principally include SDSU College of Sciences and Math Department, UCSD and SDSU Graduate Division, SDSU Foundation, and SDSU Admissions and Records
    • Examples of student paperwork processed include, Applications, Fee Waiver and Quarterly Units Memos, Coursework, Supervision Reports, Parking permits, TEAF and ATFs, Paychecks, Receipt and distribution of Restricted, JDP1-5 forms, Schedule numbers and Add Codes
  • Generate Course, Rotation, and Annual Evaluations for each student: Request student information, generate letters to professors, collect responses, distribute copies to UCSD, file, maintain records
  • Coordinate arrangements for 2nd-Year Exams, Thesis Defenses, and Graduations: Assist in updating the 2nd-Year Reading List, Distribute; Obtain and share information on requirements, locations, timelines, abstracts, general information, announcements, and celebrations
  • Participant in and Secretary of meetings of the Steering Committee and the Recruitment Committee: act as information resource, take Minutes

Public Relations

  • Act as Spanish Translator for CRMSE in written and oral correspondence.
  • Coordinate Doctoral Program web site with CRMSE Webmistress , particularly in maintaining currency, and procuring photos and descriptions of research projects
  • Edit Student Handbook
  • Maintain and distribute current contact information (database) of students and faculty.
  • Answer prospective students' questions by e-mail, phone and USPS
  • Forward messages when appropriate to faculty for recruitment
  • MSED program advertising

Debbie is the provider of candy, organizer of celebrations, obtainer of supplies, holder of the magic stamp, and enjoyer of tall tales by students.