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The Center for Research in Mathematics & Science Education (CRMSE) was established in 1985 within the College of Sciences at SDSU. The Center brings together researchers interested in studying how individuals acquire knowledge in mathematics and science. Facilitating and encouraging collaboration among faculty members from the College of Sciences' departments of Biology, Geology, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, and Psychology, and from the College of Education's School of Teacher Education, faculty, and staff of CRMSE are engaged in a variety of activities designed to investigate issues of fundamental importance to teaching and learning. Such activities include research, grant writing, publications, presentations, and leadership roles. For example, CRMSE serves as the headquarters for the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE), a leading organization devoted to supporting mathematics teacher education.

Our Ph.D. Program in Mathematics and Science Education, jointly sponsored by SDSU and UCSD, was established in 1993. The goal of the joint doctoral program is to develop leaders of mathematics and science education at all levels of learning.

In addition to its primary research activities, CRMSE sponsors a Distinguished Lecturers Series to provide lectures and seminars on relevant issues in mathematics and science teaching and learning. Through this program, CRMSE not only offers faculty and students the opportunity to interact with prominent scholars, it also provides a forum for disseminating and understanding these issues through lectures that are open to the general public.