10)   When you were a child, how did you feel about mathematics?

Very comfortable

 Somewhat comfortable

Neither comfortable nor anxious

 Somewhat anxious

Very anxious

11) When you were a child, how well did you like mathematics?

 I loved it  

  I liked it  

  I felt neutral 

    I disliked it

   I hated it

12) When you were a child, how successful were you in your mathematics classes?

 Usually successful

 More successful than not 

  Successful about half the time

  More unsuccessful than not

  Usually unsuccessful

13)  Which statement best describes your elementary-school experiences with word problems?

They were very difficult.

They were somewhat difficult.

They were neither easy nor difficult.

They were somewhat easy.

   They were very easy.

14)  Is there something else about your experiences learning mathematics in elementary school that you would like to share?

15) Choose the description that best fits the majority of your mathematics experiences in elementary school.

  a) The teacher explained a way to solve problems. The children independently practiced solving several problems. Hands-on materials were never used.

  b) The teacher sometimes explained things. Sometimes the children figured out their own ways to solve problems. The children occasionally used hands-on materials. Children occasionally worked in groups.

  c) The teacher gave the children problems that they figured out on their own. The children often used hands-on materials and talked to each other about mathematics.

16)  Describe the characteristics of someone who is good at doing mathematics.

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