Alice Hwang


B.S. Biology, University of California Los Angeles, 2005
M.S. Animal Behavior, San Diego State University, expected May 2009

Research Experience
From November 2005 to January 2007, I interned with the Los Angeles Dolphin Project in Marina del Rey, California.  I participated in boat-based field studies of marine mammals (usually bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, and California sea lions) in Santa Monica Bay.  My duties included bottlenose dolphin photo-identification, data entry using the behavior recording program "Logger 2000" and behavior observation.  In addition, I gained important laboratory experience categorizing, ranking, and comparing dorsal fin images.

Current Research
As a student in SDSU's Cetacean Behavior Laboratory, I plan to study the range and movement patterns of Pacific coast bottlenose dolphins along the California and Northern Baja coast.  I will integrate photo-identification data previously collected in distinct geographic coastal regions (Ensenada, San Diego, Orange County, Santa Monica Bay, Santa Barbara, and Monterey Bay) to construct a comprehensive account of bottlenose dolphin spatial and temporal distribution along the eastern Pacific coast, as well as assess site fidelity and home range characteristics.  This work will provide information, such as population dimensions and habitat preferences, essential to the development of conservation and management policies for Pacific coast bottlenose dolphins.

Some of my other interests include baseball (Los Angeles Dodgers), good food (cooking, but especially eating), tidepooling, road trips, arts and crafts, playing various musical instruments, and discovering new music.  While bottlenose dolphins are the focus of my current research, I cannot neglect to mention the marine mammal that started my infatuation with sea life - the West Indian manatee.  I would also like to thank my mom, dad, and sisters for their encouragement and support.